Posted on Mar 2, 2021


Return of the Haircuts

Apr 12, 2021 – Apr 30, 2021
No Appointments,walk in Service through out the whole season of “Return of the Haircut” with different discounts packages available in the shop from your favourite barber
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Valid Apr 12, 2021 – Apr 30, 2021
Terms and Conditions
Each party acknowledges and agrees that during the term of this Agreement, it may have access to certain confidential information and trade secrets of the other consisting of but not limited to customer lists and information concerning each other’s business, methods of operation, systems and other proprietary business. For the purpose of this Agreement ‘Confidential Information’ means any confidential or proprietary information disclosed by one party to the other under this Agreement which shall include the terms of this Agreement but it shall not include information that a) is public knowledge at the time of disclosure, b) was known by the receiving party before disclosure by the disclosing party or becomes public knowledge or otherwise known to the receiving party after such disclosure , other than by a breach of confidentiality obligation or c) is independently developed by the receiving party.
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